Some men do and some men don’t.  It’s that simple.

Some men can write romantic greeting cards.  Most men cannot.   All men can bring romantic words to life.

Check in to El Dorado Seaside Suites and you will find love is all around you.   The accommodations, exciting activities, superior service, gourmet dining, and advanced amenities are all designed to enhance your romantic getaway.

Imagine a beautiful bed on the beach.  Intimate moments are shared with a Caribbean breeze and the sound of waves kissing the shore.   Pampering includes a Beach Butler who brings refreshments, fruit, and food to you.

Share the experience of a completely private outdoor shower.  The sunshine pours down while you enjoy the rejuvenating water.

The food and wine is incredible everywhere at the ElDorado Seaside Suites.   It only gets better when you share an intimate dinner for two on the beach, under the stars, with the candlelight flickering.

The Gourmet Inclusive feature is fantastic.   A trip to my local pizza parlor never resulted in a meal that I would consider a positive mood endorphin.  Romantic location calls for exotic meals.

The chefs, wine stewards, and staff answer the call with thoughtful suggestions.   You probably won’t like everything you try but the point is you are inspired to experience new sensations.

There is a bungalow above the beach.  This is the resorts signature Sky Massage located in the blue sky over the white beach.  I recommend the couple massage.   Try the other stuff later.

Definitely consider a Honeymoon Ocean Front Suite.   Here’s the scoop.  You enjoy a private ocean-front pool, complimentary champagne, fresh fruit daily, Gourmet Inclusive samplers every night, and more.

A bottle of delicious wine is waiting in your room from one of the resorts private vineyards.  The room includes the scent of fresh cut flowers, aromatherapy, and a daily newspaper.

Sounds good, right?  It gets better.   Picture this!   A private beach bed topped by thatched palapas is yours.   You won’t miss the gorgeous sunrise from behind the sheer linen sheets that drape the palapa.

This may be the single most romantic vacation of your lives.  I’m sure you’ll want to buy her a gift to commemorate your loving memories created at El Dorado seaside suites by Karisma before you depart.

When asked if you would like to buy a card to go with the gift you’ll probably smile.

Just the way you did when you wrote your own card.