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» I Held My Nose, I Closed My Eyes

… I took a drink. It may not be Love Potion Number 9 but it comes really close.  You don’t come to this slice of Heaven on Earth on to find love. You come here to Celebrate Love! Seclusion, nibbling on Gourmet bites, super comfy beds, marble floors, in-room Jacuzzi, lounge chairs in our private [» Read More…]

» Just Seconds Away from Satisfaction

We had just finished our second round. I wasn’t even breathing hard.  I took a sip of the incredible wine and asked if she wanted to go again.  She just smiled, nodded, and we were off. Off to fill our plates one more time with some of the best food we had ever experienced. It [» Read More…]

» Lazy Susan and Lazy Boy Rocker

The Lazy Susan goes round and round.  It’s convenient. The Lazy Boy Rocker doesn’t move.  It’s comfy. The Lazy River at El Dorado Casitas Royale is convenient, comfortable, and encourages couples to “go with the flow”. The resort has the famous Lazy River plus 13 pools, a natural saltwater pool, swim up bars, and lots [» Read More…]

» Sand In Your Pants on a Top 10 Beach

Soaking wet from the surf and rollicking in the sand. That’s what we kids did when we spent summer vacations with our Grandparents on the coast. My parents would complain but Grandpa always smiled and said, “Sometimes its okay to get sand in your pants”. Grandpa would have loved a trip to the El Dorado [» Read More…]

» I Was Shocked at What I Found in the Bathroom at the El Dorado Casitas Royale

I was horrified. It was right there on the floor of the bathroom.  I fought back the screams and insisted the resort send someone immediately to remove it. And quickly before my wife saw it. I brought my wife to El Dorado Casitas Royale for the romance, the lavish attention, the pampering and the delicious [» Read More…]

» El Dorado Seaside – Why I Smiled When I Was Arrested and Charged

Arrested?  Yes.  Charged?  Yes.  Guilty?  Oh, Yes! I freely admit that I suffered from a clear cut case of Arrested Development the minute we set foot in this Enchanted Resort.   We felt like teenagers falling in love for the very first time. This is the perfect spot to recharge your romance.   The El Dorado Seaside [» Read More…]

» El Dorado Maroma – No E-Ticket Rides or Grinning Mouse

I love my kids. But I also like a little time away to relax, rekindle and renew my relationship with my Princess. And the El Dorado Maroma is an exclusive adults-only resort.  So this trip is all about the romance. The private beach at El Dorado Maroma is my favorite spot.  Definitely spend time on [» Read More…]

» El Dorado Royale – What Would Willie Wonka Do?

Chocolate therapy works!   I was dipped in milk chocolate and coated with a thin candy shell.  Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. The entire adults-only resort experience is over-the-top at El Dorado Royale.   Personal attention and superior service is not a slogan.  Every need, want, and whim is a top priority. That’s [» Read More…]

» El Dorado Casitas Royale – I Will Not Apologize to My Mother

I Finally Stood Up To My Mother.  I flat out told her, “I’m not cleaning my room, preparing meals, doing dishes, and I’m staying up all night”.   I wanted to tell her that when I was 16.   It took me another 16 years to actually say it out loud. I made that call from the [» Read More…]

» El Dorado Seaside – Some Men Simply Can’t Do It

Some men do and some men don’t.  It’s that simple. Some men can write romantic greeting cards.  Most men cannot.   All men can bring romantic words to life. Check in to El Dorado Seaside Suites and you will find love is all around you.   The accommodations, exciting activities, superior service, gourmet dining, and advanced amenities [» Read More…]