I Finally Stood Up To My Mother. 

I flat out told her, “I’m not cleaning my room, preparing meals, doing dishes, and I’m staying up all night”.   I wanted to tell her that when I was 16.   It took me another 16 years to actually say it out loud.

I made that call from the El Dorado Casitas Royale Resort.

Think of the resort as a sensational combination of wrapping, ribbon and bows on a lavish gift box.   Think of the Casitas section as the gift itself.

Here is the difference to me.   When I’m going to the resort with other couples I stay in the El Dorado Royale.   I want to be close to the action, make some party noise, and lounge hop.

When I want only romance and relaxation, I book a Casita.   It has a cool outdoor shower, a bed on the patio, and a fridge filled with my favorites.  It’s away from the noisy parties where you can hear and see the ocean.  But it gets better.

The Casita has a Private Swim Up Pool that leads straight to the Swim Up Bar.   All the beach beds near the Casitas are reserved strictly for Casita guests.  There is no squabbling or need to stake one out at the crack of dawn.

The grounds are colorful, the beach is gorgeous, and there are plenty of chairs around the pool.   My favorite move is early supper at D’Italia for awesome and authentic dishes with outstanding wine.

Then it’s back to the amazing room.   I love taking a break to swim over to the bar and back from my room.   There are only four rooms to each Casita.  That really eliminates any hassles and service is top notch.

The Gourmet Inclusive feature at Karisma Hotels El Dorado Casitas Royale is absolutely sensational.  Here’s a couple features not talked about much.

There is a guy that brings really tasty seasoned crust chicken and ham sandwiches when you are at the beach or Casita pools.   About an hour later, there is another guy that cooks juicy burgers and dogs to order.

Just so you don’t forget you are on vacation, yet another person shows up with a variety of popsicles and ice cream.

Put it all together and there really is no reason for the coupled up to get too far from their incredible lodgings.    The rooms come with everything from 24 hour room service to one of the most comfortable beds ever.

Anyway, my Mom listened politely to everything I said and then she did what any Mother would do once she heard the whole story.

She made a reservation for an El Dorado Casita Royale.