I was paralyzed and no one called a Doctor.

I have been to just about every Caribbean resort you can imagine.  Trust me; this is the resort where the actual word “stunning” books a vacation.

The reason nearly everyone is barefoot or walking in sandals is the El Dorado Royale actually does knock your socks off.    The resort is over-the-top in every way possible.

Food is one of my favorite pastimes and the El Dorado Royale Karisma Gourmet Inclusive experience is not to be neglected.  All seven restaurants are packed with honeymooners, wedding parties, and couples.   It’s easy to smell why?

My delicious dining memories include the aroma of lobster lasagne at D’Italia.  They don’t get by on their lavish setting either.  This is a 5-star service restaurant and it shows from the appetizer to the dessert.

My friends really enjoyed several meals at Kampai.  Eating and drinking stretched on like the ocean views from our table.  It feels like you could be dining in China, Vietnam, India or Japan and the menu choices pay homage to those places.

I never order anything except perfectly prepared Mediterranean at La Isla for supper.   I have enjoyed the Continental breakfast which runs from 6-7 a.m. and then shamelessly stuck around for the International.  Late risers can enjoy the latter until 11 a.m. each day.

Ocean Gourmets rave about JoJo’s Seaside Grill.   This is some of the best Caribbean cuisine in the world.   Open-air dining with ocean breeze, a soundtrack of waves, and fresh daily fish makes this one of your best meals ever.

Fuentes Culinary Theatre is a chopped champion’s dream factory.   I love cooking shows and this reality tv for me.  Not only did we get to watch Michelin-trained chefs; we were able to help.

Our party worked with the chefs to prepare the meals.  I learned a ton about technique and the best way to use the ingredients grown on resort property.  We had a blast making up our own dishes too.

Take time during your stay to create your own signature dish.  We were able to use the cold prep station, move on to hot dishes at the second station and finally the very popular dessert station.   Don’t miss this spot.

My between meal snack is the sheer visual aspect of the resort.  No expense has been spared.  The entire resort seems to have been dipped in elegance and coated with luxury.

Paralyzed again.  The second time they thought I was paralyzed at the ElDorado Royale happened just before check out.   This time, everyone just smiled.  They already knew the truth.

Truth is I was faking.  I just didn’t want to leave.