She said she understood. 

It was our honeymoon and I actually snuck out of the suite early to keep a date.  She had a spa reservation and was going to be busy for hours.

A few hours later, I reeled in a beauty. 

I could not wait to call my buddies and brag about the Sailfish I caught on my first deep sea charter at El Dorado Maroma.

Couples who enjoy all things water are destined to enjoy this playground in paradise.   Imagine a vacation to one of the most romantic and luxurious resorts on the Mayan Riviera.

The Meso America Barrier Reef is just a few football fields distance from the beach.  The second largest reef on the planet, it actually reaches all the way to Honduras.   Did someone say snorkeling?

There are over 500 different kinds of fish populating this world famous reef just offshore from the El Dorado Maroma.  Perfect for snorkel or scuba buffs.

Here’s a vacation tip.  Think about packing a couple of disposable underwater camera to grab a couple of fun shots.  Not professional but good enough for social sites.

Parasailing will give you a thrilling view of this Gourmet Inclusive resort.   Just stop by the Maroma Paradise Marina and Beach Club if you want to zip around in a motorboat.   You can also exercise your healthy option to kayak on the crystal waters.

No need to worry about overdoing the physical stuff.  You can soak off the stress in your cozy indoor Jacuzzi, float the lazy river outside your door to the Swim Up bar or sack out on your beach bed.

The stress busters at the spa include all kinds of massages, facials, and special body treatments.   The result is usually a deep sense of relaxation and contentment.   The spa visit is the perfect segue way to supper.

Gourmet chefs excel at irresistible specialties from Mexico and the Caribbean.  Definitely make a point of samping Sushi, Tepanyaki, Sashimi and other mystic Asian-laced meals at the Oriental Restaurant.

I have a real problem with the Italian Restaurant.  I cannot stop eating, sampling, and taste trading at the table.  I usually eat and drink so much here that I have to cancel plans for dancing.

No problem.  I just wind up back at my lavish suite snuggling on my King Size Bed, a fully stocked fridge with premium labels, and a river outside my door that is a lazy as I feel.

The honeymoon was years ago.  The vacations to El Dorado Maroma with my bride continue.  She was never the “Catch of the Day”.

She is the “Catch of a Lifetime”