The Spa at El Dorado Maroma expertly works out the kinks from a day of water sports and spikes your readiness for romance before night falls.   Just head for the beach until you spot a classic Mayan Palapa perched over the edge of the Caribbean sea.

Sure, you’re going to feel like you are strolling through a multi-million dollar movie set.  That’s okay, because this is where everyone is treated like a superstar.

Your Beachfront Sky Massage at El Dorado Maroma, starts with massage therapies and techniques that are applied to the tune of waves sliding over sand while you are caressed by a warm Caribbean breeze.

The Hot Stone Massage “rocks” and proves just how fast you achieve a state of deep relaxation or what I call my comfort coma.   Smooth volcanic rocks are heated in water and then placed on specific parts of your body.

I have no idea how anyone figured this out but I’m sending them a thank you card when I get a name and my partner will probably add a smiley face.

Guests give award high marks to Swedish, shiatsu and reflexology massage treatments and aromatherapy sessions.   Most appointments average 50-60 minutes but allow extra time if you add a body scrub or go for a special.

For instance the El Dorado Maroma Special Plan includes a hydrating facial, body scrub, and fabled Lomi Lomi massage which last about 130 minutes.  I promise the last thing you will look at on this vacation is a clock.  

Wearing lots of sunblock, moisturizers, or makeup is a terrific reason to consider a deep cleaning facial.   The object here is balance oil production with other skin functions while cleaning and purifying your skin.

I just think of it as my face catching a nice buzz.

Here’s a quick tip about a visit to the spa at El Dorado Maroma.  Add another twenty minutes to whatever time you allowed between your chosen treatment and next activity.

Most people agree you need about 20 minutes to simply relish the effects a trip to this spa in the sky accomplishes.

Now, are you willing to take a chance on your partner deciding that a sit down supper at a Gourmet Restaurant can be skipped?   Ask about the intensely romantic Moonlight Couples Massage.    Think moonlight, massage, and a bottle of champagne.  

Just like the star treatment you would expect in the movies and this one almost always inspires another happy ending.

Pass me the popcorn.